Thank you for your interest in “Turning Pain Into Love.”

Turning Pain Into Love is a book that has been taking shape in Michael Roels’ life for almost 20 years. After surviving a head-on collision at 70 miles per hour, he was prescribed opiates for 3 years and lived a life of chronic pain while suffering with PTSD. Then doctors released Michael from medical care, he was hopeless, afraid, addicted to pain medication and still in pain. After dropping to his knees and saying a prayer for God to reveal the purpose of his life, he finally discovered a new way of healing for himself. Since his healing experience he dedicated his life to helping others alleviate their pain as a licensed massage therapist. Turning Pain into Love is an inspirational story about trauma, pain and recovery. This is a great book for teenagers as well!

Turning Pain Into Love is available at Amazon online.  The Kindle version is also available on Amazon.

You can also purchase a copy from Essential Balanced Bodywork, located at 2575 Old Glory Road Suite #500 in Clemmons, NC. Each copy will include a personalized message from Michael and a Turning Pain into Love bookmark.

Inspirational Book Turning Pain into Love