“I came to Essential Balanced Bodywork about six months ago when I began having a numbing sensation in my left leg. I decided to try this as a last resort before seeing my back surgeon again. I had the same symptoms in my right leg about four years ago, which turned out to be a severe herniated disc in my L5 and S1, which required immediate surgery. I’ve tried traditional massage before and would leave barely able to walk, sore and uncomfortable for days. In three appointments, Michael was able to alleviate my symptoms and give me daily exercises to help with the issue. I’ve told anyone who will listen to go see Michael, he’s amazing and works wonders for your aches and pains. I am now a lifelong client!” ~Kelly B.

“I have long-loved getting massages. However, I’ve never made regular appointments to get them, despite the tension that builds up in my neck and back from working over a computer so much. Earlier this week, I visited Michael at Essential Balanced Bodywork and not only was it a great massage, but he showed me some stretches to make sure that the muscles don’t lock up and cause me pain. The next day, I felt amazing, whereas after some massages, I’ve felt sore the next day. I took my grandmother in for a consultation since she recently hurt her hip. After a 20-minute consultation, my grandmother felt tons better and has already booked an hour-long appointment with Michael for next week. And my Mom just booked her own appointment! I can’t rave enough about Essential Balanced Bodywork!!!! I just wish I had made it a point to see them much sooner!!!!”  ~Denise H.

“Seen this time for knee and elbow pain related to overuse and walked out greatly improved. Michael does not just give a relaxing massage but worked areas above and below the problem areas to release the muscles, ligaments and tendons and therefore, the pain. His method integrates anatomy and physical therapy. I highly recommend Michael’s therapeutic touch.” ~Ellen H.

“I highly recommend to any parent of an athlete. Michael has helped my son who plays high school football. My son has had hamstring problems and recently had impingement syndrome in shoulder. He came out feeling like a new person. Michael is awesome at what he does.”  ~Holly B.

“Super! When I’ve done too much yard work I can take muscle relaxants and Advil for days, without much relief. OR…I can come to this awesome place once and get immediate relief. Also, Michael helped me with my foot pain. Much better now.”  ~ Carleen H.

“In 2014 I learned about Michael from an article in a local magazine. The article was about the method he created and how it was helping many people suffering from pain. Since 2001 I’ve had nerve blocker injections in my neck every six weeks to get relief from my symptoms. The relief was temporary and in three to four weeks all my symptoms came back. I tried medication, physical therapy, chiropractor adjustments, cortisone injections and therapeutic massage that were covered by my insurance with no significant relief. I was living in chronic pain. I had pain and numbness in my arm and hand. It felt like electricity shooting down my arm to my hand; I would inadvertently throw things I was holding in my hand and had major loss of strength and flexibility in my shoulder, arm and hand. I could no longer run my cleaning business. The stress and pain, along with the medication I was prescribed, took a toll on my personal and professional life. When I met Michael, he listened to me share everything I has been through. He explained how the traumatized muscles from old injuries could be causing a nerve to be entrapped. Based on my condition, he treated muscles that were tight and tender. His treatment was different from anything I had before; it was not painful and after the first session I felt 90 percent better! After the third appointment, I started working cleaning houses again! I have not had another nerve blocker shot since I began seeing Michael over two years ago and my quality of life has improved significantly. My husband feels he has his wife back again. I am so grateful that Michael created this different type of therapy. I believe there are many people out there like me who thought they would have to suffer from their pain for the rest of their lives and now there is a relaxing, non-painful way to get relief.”  ~Myra C.